Attention Coaches & Consultants:

Want to sign 2-3 years of business in the next 3 months?

We’ll send 20,000+ inmails to your ideal clients in the next 3 months…that’s no typo!

The Linkedin 100x Program


We send 100x the volume of the hardest working Sales Rep. Timing is everything, but you'll never know the perfect time to reach out. Instead you can just increase your volume

Be Seen

Inmails WORK. Linkedin have built a multi-billion dollar business that gives users only 80 inmails a month. Imagine sending closer to 8000 a month from 1 Linked account?


Experience INSANE return-on-investment. This is not a cheap service, but costs a fraction of the revenue you'll make in just the next few months alone.


100% record of keeping Linkedin accounts safe, without ever having any bans or temporary blocks.

Who is this for?

Coaches who already have a High-Ticket offer they know how to sell.

Capacity to take LOTS of sales calls as some of our clients are doing 45+ per month.

Stop waiting on Inbound, Go Outbound!

Stop waiting on Inbound, Go Outbound!

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"This service is INSANE. Not only do they send more inmails in a day than I can do in a year, but they follow up every reply to get them scheduled into your calendar. Just class"

James Louis

Founder, GoTec Recruiting

Boost your Outreach

Due to the nature of this EPIC program, we can only take on a few customers a month.

Please Apply below to see if it's the right fit for you & us.

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